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Here at London James we are passionate about Upgrading or Customising your Land Rover or Classic

We get excited about all the projects we work on and always look forward to hearing our Customers ideas.  We work with you to dicuss what your looking for, your budget and how achievable your project is within your budget 

Here's some of the areas we enjoy working on:-

Performance Enhancements

Sometimes our customers are happy with the look of their Land Rover, they just want a bit more performance whether this be Engine, Braking or Suspension or all of these.  We love working on Performance Enhancements and look forward to seeing the end results

Exterior Upgrades


Changing the look and feel of your Land Rover or Classic is never a chore for us and whether you are looking for something a bit different, looking to get rid of something you dont like or to upgrade or customise to a spcecification you have seen before we are here to help to make your Vehicle look its best.  Take a look at the Mood Boards which have some iseas prepared for a project

Interior Upgrade


You may want to change the interior of your vehicle, working to an established specification or just letting your imagination run away with you, the sky is the limit and there is nothing like the feeling of getting into a newly fitted out vehicle.  Take a look at the Mood Boards which have some iseas prepared for a project

Utility Trucks

Why not turn your Land Rover into a Utility Truck, turn your beloved Land Rover into a Work Horse and enjoy it all day long 

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